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Announcing the SpecFlow Course in Vienna in December

Earlier this year, I became an accredited SpecFlow Course Trainer, and I’m excited to announce that this december I will deliver the official “Developing with SpecFlow” course for the first time! To celebrate this happy occasion (and the upcoming xmas festivities) I’m offering a whopping 800 EUR rebate! That’s right, I’m slashing the price from 1750 EUR to 950 EUR. The catch is that there’s only a limited number of places available, so hurry and send your booking email to booking@picklespro.com.

SpecFlow course ad

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Announcing my Talk at Agile Tour Vienna 2016

I’m proud to say that I received confirmation that I will be one of the speakers at this year’s edition of the Agile Tour Vienna conference. The website only lists the keynote speakers so far, but I expect them to show the other speakers any day.

My talk will be titled “A voyage through BDD in the financial sector” and will be a case study of the Behaviour Driven Development work I did at my previous employer. We invested a lot of time in BDD and reaped many benefits. We also ran into problems and shortcomings.

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SpecFlow a Test Automation Tool It Is Not

In order to grow really proficient at SpecFlow and Behaviour Driven Development, you must unlearn what you have learned. When you first heard of BDD, you were likely seduced by visions of test automation. Voices are calling for you to specify all possible input permutations in a Feature file. Resist them you must. A test automation tool SpecFlow is not.

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Double Loop TDD

While presenting last week’s inaugural meetup of the Vienna BDD Meetup, a discussion came up on how Behaviour Driven Development (BDD) and Test-Driven Development relate to each other. One of the participants mentioned a buzzword: “Double Loop TDD”. I will talk about a bit about Double Loop TDD and how BDD uses it to great effect.


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Organizing Your Automation Layer

When you start to use SpecFlow on your project, it’s easy to extend the automation layer. It is easy to add binding methods to your binding classes, and SpecFlow offers some support for quickly creating skeletons of needed binding methods. This can quickly lead to a big pile of binding methods, which leads to duplication which leads to suffering. In this article, I give you some tips on how to organize your automation layer so that you avoid that pitfall.

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The inaugural meetup of Vienna BDD Meetup

I am very proud to announce the inaugural meetup of Vienna BDD Meetup, a Vienna-based group dedicated to Behaviour Driven Development. We will meet regularly to swap knowledge and ideas about BDD, and to build a community.

The first meetup will take place on Wednesday 14 September 2016 from 18:00 until 20:00. The location, food and drinks will be provided by TechTalk, one of our sponsors. The other sponsor is of course Pickles Pro, my very own company.

The program for the inaugural meetup is:

  • Get to know each other
  • Discuss the goal(s) of the group
  • Andreas Willich will do a short presentation about SpecFlow - Cucumber for .NET
  • I will do an even shorter presentation about Living Documentation and Pickles, the open source Living Documentation generator
  • Mingle, chat and enjoy food and drink

I’m very excited about meeting you all, talking to you about Living Documentation, and listening to your BDD stories. Sign up now for our meetup!

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A Pickles Task for FAKE

Pickles uses FAKE, a DSL for build tasks, to automate large parts of the build process. FAKE is really a quite accessible library for automating build scripts, and the fact that the build scripts are written in F# is rather charming (rather than a distraction).

FAKE naturally contains a lot of tasks, for example for copying files, compiling projects, creating NuGet packages. The other day I learned that FAKE also includes a task for Pickles! That’s right, you can generate your Living Documentation as a part of your FAKE build script!

The wonderful thing is that this happened without involvement from myself. This is the result of someone in the OSS community thinking “wouldn’t it be cool if Pickles and FAKE would work well together” and then going ahead and implementing it. This kind of recognition and contribution is one of the most sincere gifts that the community can make to an OSS project.

It totally made my day. It shows the strenght of a vibrant OSS community. Thank you!

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Grocery Shopping with Software Developers

There’s a joke about a Software Developer who goes grocery shopping. It goes like this: suppose you send a Software Developer to buy groceries in the nearby store. You tell the Software Developer: “Buy a liter of milk. If they have eggs, buy six”. The store does have eggs, so what does the Software Developer buy? The answer to that question, the punch line of the joke, illustrates the need for Behaviour Driven Development.


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Quick Tip for the Automation Layer

Automation Layer code is just like any other piece of code. That means all the same rules apply to make it “good” code: SOLID Principles, refactoring, and good naming of variables to name just a few. Today’s post is about the latter: good naming of variables.

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The Three Pillars of BDD

There are a lot of terms and aspects of Behaviour Driven Development (BDD) flying about, and it may not always be immediately obvious what the benefits of them are. I will attempt to bring some clarity here, and in doing so I will define the three pillars of BDD.

Three Pillars of BDD

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