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Announcing my Talk at Agile Tour Vienna 2016

I’m proud to say that I received confirmation that I will be one of the speakers at this year’s edition of the Agile Tour Vienna conference. The website only lists the keynote speakers so far, but I expect them to show the other speakers any day.

My talk will be titled “A voyage through BDD in the financial sector” and will be a case study of the Behaviour Driven Development work I did at my previous employer. We invested a lot of time in BDD and reaped many benefits. We also ran into problems and shortcomings.

During the talk, I invite you to embark on a voyage with me. It will be a time lapse version of a voyage I undertook myself at my previous employer, a Vienna-based company that develops business applications for data management for the financial services industry. As part ofa team that worked on a product for managing corporate actions data, I spearheaded the introduction of Behaviour Driven Development (BDD). Using BDD, we were able to address weaknesses in the way that requirements were analysed, communicated and verified.

Your voyage with me will take us back to the first steps my team and I took with BDD. Together, we will re-trace the course towards the first specification using examples, and onto the first automated verification of a feature. We will see how the BDD effort achieved critical momentum and started snowballing. We will also analyse several roadblocks that put a ceiling on the effectiveness of BDD, and come up with ways to improve on such situations.

When you attend this session, you will learn how we approached BDD and made it work for us. You will also learn about the problems we had with BDD. The knowledge of both of these topics will give you guidance on how to apply BDD more effectively in your own projects, and on how to avoid some pitfalls.

Dirk Rombauts

Dirk Rombauts is a Software Developer with more than 10 years of experience working in .NET. He has been working with Behaviour Driven Development for several years now and thinks it is the best thing to happen to software development since the invention of coffee.

He is the maintainer of Pickles, the open source Living Documentation generator and is in the process of setting up Pickles Pro, a company that aims to make you self-sufficient in all matters BDD.