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Announcing the SpecFlow Course in Vienna in December

Earlier this year, I became an accredited SpecFlow Course Trainer, and I’m excited to announce that this december I will deliver the official “Developing with SpecFlow” course for the first time! To celebrate this happy occasion (and the upcoming xmas festivities) I’m offering a whopping 800 EUR rebate! That’s right, I’m slashing the price from 1750 EUR to 950 EUR. The catch is that there’s only a limited number of places available, so hurry and send your booking email to booking@picklespro.com.

SpecFlow course ad

This course offers you a 3-day kickstart into the world of Behaviour Driven Development in .NET. There are three separate modules, each dealing with specific topics of BDD. After taking the course, you will be able to document the results of specification workshop in Gherkin format, to automate those scenarios, and to maintain your automation layer.

The course will be held in German, but the course materials will be in English. Course participants are free to speak any language they want but it would be helpful if I understand it too - limiting your choice to Dutch, English, French and German :-)

The course was designed by Gáspár Nagy, the lead developer of SpecFlow, and is the intellectual property of TechTalk.

You will need to bring a computer that is set up for development in Visual Studio. If you do not have Visual Studio yet, then your best bet is the free Community Edition of Visual Studio 2015. The first day of the course does not require a computer.

The course will take place from 12 to 14 December. We start at 09:00, and finish around 17:00.

The course venue is at 1040 Wien, Operngasse 17-21 on the 5th floor. (We are using rooms made available by Wirtschaftskammer Wien)

The cost of 950 EUR is without VAT, and is payable in advance - you will receive an invoice when you book your place. Cancellation: if you cancel before 12 November, we will refund the entire amount. If you cancel later, there will be no refund but half the amount will be credited towards a future booking. If Pickles Pro e.U. cancel the course, we will refund the entire amount.

For booking and information please contact booking@picklespro.com.


The course lasts for three days; each module takes up one day.

Since the course will be taught in German, I give you the table of content in German :-)

Modul 1: SpecFlow Collaborator - Ergebnisse des Spezifikationsworkshops in Gherkin festhalten

  • Schnelle Einführung oder Wiederholung von Specification By Example
  • Einführung zu Gherkin
  • Ergebnisse des Spezifikationsworkshops in formalisierten Gherkin Szenarien festhalten
  • Kollaborationsmuster zum Arbeiten mit Gherkin
  • Muster, Anti-Muster und Stil in Gherkin

Zielpublikum: Product Owners, Business Analysts, Testers, Developers, … alle die bei Specification by Example Workshops die Gherkin Szenarien produzieren, involviert sind. Keine Entwickler-Kenntnisse notwendig!

Model 2: SpecFlow Basiskonzepte und ATDD 1x1

  • Einführung zu SpecFlow
  • Einführung zum Acceptance Test Driven Development Workflow (test-first, outside-in)
  • Wichtige Konzepte für (A)TDD: Mocking, Stubbing, Dependency Injection
  • Automatisierung der Domain Layer (Automatisierung “unter die Haut”)
  • Mit externen Dependencies umgehen
  • Flackernde Szenarien

Zielpublikum: Developers, und Testers die bei der Automatisierung von Gherkin Szenarien involviert sind. Teilnehmer sollten mit Visual Studio und Programmkode lesen vertraut sein. Testers werden mit Developers zusammenarbeiten bei der Automatisierung von einfachen Szenarien.

Model 3: Fortgeschrittene SpecFlow Themen

  • Automatisierung des UI Layers (MVC ASP.NET, Driver, PageObject Muster)
  • Mit der Datenbank umgehen
  • Step Definitions organisieren
  • Defaults und implizite Annahmen von Szenarien
  • Automapper und SpecFlow.Assist
  • Alles zusammengenommen: neue Funktionalität mittels BDD Entwickeln

Zielpublikum: Developers, und Testers mit Entwicklungs-Hintergrund. Teilnehmer sollten mit Programmieren in Visual Studio vertraut sein, und ein Basisverständnis von MVC und Web Technologien haben.

Dirk Rombauts

Dirk Rombauts is a Software Developer with more than 10 years of experience working in .NET. He has been working with Behaviour Driven Development for several years now and thinks it is the best thing to happen to software development since the invention of coffee.

He is the maintainer of Pickles, the open source Living Documentation generator and is in the process of setting up Pickles Pro, a company that aims to make you self-sufficient in all matters BDD.